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This is the year I’m going to lose weight! Sound familiar?

January 1st – RESOLUTION DAY!  Each year millions of people around the world make a promise to better themselves in some way: lose weight, quit smoking, make more money, be happier, stop drinking, find a job they love…the list goes on. Yet, the stress of sticking to these goals can become so overwhelming that in the end they give up.

2017 can be your year! How? With the aid of laser therapy treatment. Not a miracle cure, not a fad, not a fly-by-night gimmick. After years of development and success in Europe, what is known as LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy, has been implemented in the USA and Canada has transformed people’s ability to lose weight, quit smoking, manage pain and relieve stress. And since 2005, at AcuLaser Treatment Centre of Broadview Heights Ohio, we have helped thousands of clients achieve this transformation once and for all.

AcuLaser’s method, which is safe, non-invasive and approved by the FDA, relies on low level laser therapy that is applied to certain pressure point of the body. Our process is based on the ancient art of acupuncture but without the use of needles and has proven most effective for the hundreds that walk through our doors every day.

In treating weight loss, the laser is used to help raise the metabolic rate in order to burn calories more efficiently and suppress the appetite. We also treat points on the body that relate to relaxation, eliminating stress and anxiety, increasing your sense of energy, making it easier to stay motivated for daily exercise.

My dreams have come true due to your Aculaser treatments. It has given me the control I was lacking. I feel like a new person!

Don’t let 2017 pass you by without achieving your health and wellness goals!

Call us at 440-740-1020 to schedule an appointment or visit it us on the web at http://www.aculasertreatment.com.



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