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Why am I hungry all the time?

Ever feel like you’re a bottomless pit and a second lunch is a do or die situation? What is going on? Let’s explore some of the reasons women feel like they can’t stop eating!

Your Metabolism is Fast  Genetics can play a part in having a revved up metabolism, and the faster your metabolism, the more fuel you need and quicker – kind of like a cat. And although being able to naturally burn an extra 100 to 400 calories a day doesn’t sound like a whole lot, it sure explains why you need to have that extra slice of pizza on the double!

It’s Hormonal – A hormonal imbalance can make you hungry all the time. Studies show that hyperthyroidism is the most common cause of constant hunger in women. If your thyroid levels are exceedingly high you will burn energy faster than intended. On the same token, hypoglycemia, or low blood-sugar levels can also cause hunger spikes. We suggest you talk to your doctor about if you suspect you may have any hormonal imbalances.

You’re Eating Processed Foods – Processed food such as white bread, cookies and even salad dressings can spike your blood sugar, crash your system, and leave you feeling even hungrier than you were to begin with. Research from the International Journal of Obesity shows that high-fat, high-sugar foods interfere with mood-regulating chemicals in the brain, leading to symptoms of depression and overeating. So, limit your processed food intake and stick with whole-grain carbs whenever possible.

You’re Dehydrated – Have you ever eaten something so fast and thought it was the most delicious thing you ever had, and it was just a plain old tuna sandwich? It’s most likely your body had not had enough water. lack of water is not only bad for your digestion, your kidneys, causes headaches and so much more, but it can also trick you into thinking you are actually hungry. It’s recommended you drink 8 ounces of water at least an hour before eating. Not only will it calm your appetite, but you won’t feel the need to overeat.

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