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Sugar addiction, nicotine addiction, laser therapy? What’s the Connection?

  Beat the odds of addiction!

Each year, thousands of people make up their minds to lose weight or to quit smoking. Unfortunately, within a few days, weeks or months, most of their goals have gone up in smoke. Don’t give up hope because help has arrived!

The method? LASER THERAPY. It is a process that uses an FDA approved cold low-level laser and applied to certain pressure points of the body.

Operating on principals similar to acupuncture, which is an ancient art of healing, cold low-level laser therapy stimulates pressure points that can reduce tension, increase circulation, and enable the body to relax more deeply allowing the person the control needed to succeed. The average American today is considered to be overweight, but there are no miracle cures to solve this problem. Achieving your ultimate healthy goal takes time and commitment. Many people suffer from sugar addiction, which can be just as hard to break as certain drugs.

Laser therapy will not only enhance and stimulate the metabolism, which enables the body to burn calories at an accelerated rate while increasing your sense of energy, but it will allow you to experience minimal withdrawal and cravings as you detox from carbohydrates, plus makes it easier for you to stay motivated.

Laser therapy has been successful in the fight against tobacco for the last 20 years. Clients report laser treatments are nothing less than amazing. And since 2005, AcuLaser Treatment Centre clients has had seen a significant success rate in quitting smoking and controlling their weight.

Want to beat the odds? Visit us at AcuLaser Treatment Centre in Broadview Heights.
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