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Luciana McCartney

Clinical Director / Laser Technician

Hello. I am Luciana McCartney. I am the Clinical Director at AcuLaser Treatment Centre. We are a holistic clinic where we practice the application of low-level laser therapy in order to help our clients quit smoking. For people who have been smoking for years and understand the psychological and physical challenge that quitting poses, we are a beacon of light, a last chance to put things right.

So, whether you have arrived here on your own, at the suggestion of a friend, or by accident, perhaps you’d like to stay around a while and learn about what we do and how it may help you or someone you know and care about.

If you would like to visit our website to get further information on smoking cessation laser therapy, other laser services, or to request an appointment, you can do so by visiting http://www.aculasertreatment.com or by calling 440-740-1020.