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Green Food Category

At AcuLaser choosing foods in our GREEN category means that they will be lowest in glycemic index (low sugar and high fiber), healthy fats (monosaturated and polysaturated), made of complex carbohydrates (more slowly digested to avoid sugar spikes, have more energy, and increase metabolism), wheat free, and lean protein to aid in muscle building.


Guide to Green Eating:

FATS: avocados, organic yogurt, cottage cheese, olive oil, peanut oil, nuts and seeds.
CARBOHYDRATES: green, leafy vegetables, whole grain pasta, bread and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans, lentils and peas.
LEAN PROTEIN: skinless turkey or chicken, fish, 90% (or eaner) ground beef, tofu, pork loin, and eggs.
FRUIT: cherries, grapefruits, dried apricots, pears, and apples
VEGETABLES: spinach, kale, chard, cabbage, turnip greens, brocoli and arugula.