Three Reasons to Quit Smoking with AcuLaser Today

Our Family

               Secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous as the carcinogens and toxins in the cigarettes are also released in the smoke. According to secondhand smoke is responsible for more than 41,000 deaths a year, deaths of our friends and family members should have never had to experience.

Our Pets

               Our pets are our family and their health is a top concern for most of us. While many know that secondhand smoke is harmful to humans, it is also deadly to our animals. When cats groom themselves, they are ingesting the toxins that land on their fur and are also at a great risk of developing lung cancer.


               The average price of a pack of cigarettes in 1970 was around $.30 and we are looking at an average of over $6 a pack in Ohio in 2019. If someone is going through a single pack a day that is over $2,000 a year that could go to savings, car payments, or vacation funds.

Your health is important but smoking effects so much more than just yourself. Finding the drive to quit is difficult but by using laser acupuncture we are able to break the physical addiction on the same day taking the struggle out of the journey. We also offer a lifetime of support to make sure that you have a support system behind you to protect the things you care about in life.

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