Is Cryo Therapy the Weight Loss Solution for You?

AcuLaser and the Pagani Cryo T-Shock

AcuLaser Treatment offers the award winning Pagani Cryo T-Shock system for cryoslimming, a method that allows us to pinpoint treatment areas to remove fat from trouble areas. With multiple treatments there is an average fat reduction of 28.5 percent, and with a single treatment there was an average loss of 19.7 percent which was discovered in a study conducted by the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. AcuLaser offers treatment packages with five treatments and a free cryo facial so you can get the most out of the procedure as well as individual treatments.

Before and After dieting. Weight loss

How Does Cryo Therapy Work?

Cryo therapy is an emerging treatment that AcuLaser is proud to offer. With over 450,000 treatments, this type of procedure allows for the noninvasive removal of fat and collagen deposits by freezing and crystallizing the fat cells and allowing them to drain through our lymphatic system. With proper eating habits this can lead to rapid fat loss and a healthier metabolism. Cryo treatments do not raise blood lipid levels or cause elevations in liver enzymes, showing the fat is fully leaving the body after the treatments. At 6 months studies found there was an average fat reduction of 21.5 percent in the treated areas (Ingargiola). This is a non-invasive treatment method that has not been found to cause any long-term damage to the body.

Data retrieved from Ingargiola, M., Motakef, S., Chung, M., Vasconez, H., Sasaki, G. (2015). “Cryolipolysis for Fat Reduction and Body Contouring: Safety and Efficacy of Current Treatment Paradigms” published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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