How to Beat Stress & Anxiety

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CBD Gummies: Natural Calm Gummies to Help with Stress & Anxiety

CBD oil is all the rage these days. It comes from the cannabis plant and you can rub the oil on your skin to help alleviate symptoms of eczema, it can be dropped into your morning coffee to give you a boost to start the day and, most popularly, you can now get hold of delicious gummies that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and all of its beneficial properties to help ease anything from anxiety to chronic pain. CBD gummies (or CBD gummy bears) and other CBD products are derived from high-quality hemp plants, which means that they are completely legal and are also proving to be highly effective among those who suffer from stress and anxiety.

This is not the first time we have seen any “miracle” products make the headlines, however. CBD differs slightly in that, to date, there is actually quite a bit of research that backs up its efficacy as a potential treatment for epilepsy and arthritis and CBD is also proving itself to be an excellent complimentary treatment that is capable of soothing the uncomfortable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients such as chronic pain.

CBD Gummies for Stress and Anxiety: Do They Work?

Anxiety and stress are two intertwined afflictions that affect millions of people across the world. And while the illness is often treated with benzodiazepines, many people who suffer from anxiety are adamant that they would rather not rely on highly addictive pharmaceuticals to restore balance to their body and mind. More scientists are starting to investigate the effects of cannabidiol on anxiety and numerous benefits have already been discovered and backed up by science.

Although CBD is still considered an experimental treatment, there is undeniably a psychological effect that is brought about by consuming gummies—and no, we aren’t referring to feeling high. When CBD is able to interact and positively stimulate the endocannabinoid system, the body is able to better respond to both internal and external factors that can cause stress and anxiety. This means that your overall mood can become more stable and feelings of panic will be more manageable and they sometimes disappear completely. That said, it is important to manage your expectations and understand that although thousands of people have come forward on social media and news outlets to declare that CBD oil is a miracle that has changed their life—this can’t actually be backed up 100% by science and you should never substitute your existing medication with CBD without discussing it with your doctor first.

What Does the Medical Industry Say about CBD?

Medicine is advancing and the use of alternative remedies to treat particular illnesses is often encouraged by many open-minded physicians as a complementary treatment to pharmaceuticals. And while researchers still need to overcome certain roadblocks with regards to performing more studies on the health benefits of these edibles and CBD in particular, research that has been completed has produced incredibly promising results. Notably, the journal of Neurotherapeutics published a review that highlighted the potential of CBD as a natural remedy for a range of different anxiety disorders. Of course, while many Avant-garde physicians are all for the use of CBD to treat illness, others are concerned that there is a lack of clinical trials focusing on the efficacy and safety of CBD. There are always two sides to every story and while information on this new “miracle” drug is still lacking from a scientific point of view, what we do know currently is that CBD can be safely used alongside the majority of pharmaceuticals and there have not been any serious side effects of using the compound reported to date.

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