Cocaine and Sugar have more in common than you think

Sugar through a strainer

Can sugar be addictive? It’s more likely than you think. Our bodies crave high calorie foods from an evolutionary standpoint because our prehistoric ancestors did not have access to places like Costco or refrigerators.

Why We Crave Sugar

The cravings they developed were so they could hunt for things that are calorie dense to help them survive. The problem with that now is our bodies still crave sugars, but we live in a world where it is so easy to access that our body no longer feels satisfied after consuming it, making the cravings for that dopamine even larger.

Sugar and Cocaine

Our brains react very similarly when craving sugar to the way we do with cocaine, a class 1 controlled substance. The brain knows if it eats sugar, dopamine and endorphins will be released but with any addiction, the amount that would need to be consumed gets higher and higher as we eat more and more.

Hidden Sugars

Even things like bread at the store are packed with sugar so it can be hard to avoid. Eating cleanly can also be a struggle if you do not know where to start. That is why AcuLaser Treatment offers different levels of comprehensive weight health programs that can help break the sugar addiction and teach you about all of the foods still available to you helping you see all the possibilities with meals, rather than feeling limited with specific diets.

I have personally done the 30 Day Weight Health Program and my migraines were reduced, I stopped breaking out, and most importantly I started saving a shocking amount of money from not buying soda!

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