Do you really know what's in your food?

Breads that promote high fiber and low calorie might sound like a great choice, but how much bread are you really getting? Some high fiber breads actually use sawdust as an ingredient to reduce cost and act as a filler and this process has been going on for centuries. Sawdust is technically high in fiber, powdered cellulose is the additive and is approved by the FDA, but dietary fiber and cellulose’s fiber are not one in the same. Powdered cellulose is found in more products than you think, from shredded cheese to ice cream, manufacturers have been using it to cut corners and cost while saying their product is healthier than it is.

Bowl of colorful fruit

Even foods like parmesan cheese uses sawdust as a filler. At what point is our bread no longer considered bread. Eating processed foods might seem like a cheaper alternative but besides the fact that most fresh produce is cheaper than processed foods, your body reacts to fresh foods differently. Our bodies are like race car engines. In order to run them efficiently they need the right kind of fuels. Eating healthy is a process that takes time and discipline, but over time the body gets use to having the right fuel to run it.

The difficulty that is faced when looking at food regulations is hard to surmount but thankfully the public has been more focused on eating foods that they know the ingredients to. The grocery store should not have to be a game of hide and seek with the healthy ingredients. The easiest option is to buy fresh produce which spoils quickly and requires time to cook which a lot of people just do not have anymore.  This is where dangerous fad diets were born. Finding what works for your body is an individual process as everyone is unique.

Changing your diet should not have to be an arduous and expensive process. This is where we come in. AcuLaser offers comprehensive and personalized weight health programs and when paired with exercise and our award-winning Cryoslimming program, you can achieve the body you’ve been struggling to get. Our staff is dedicated in helping you improve your lifestyle.

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