Setting Goals and Keeping Them.

December can be a hard month to stick to your goals or even start new ones. The sun sets early and it gets harder and harder to get out in the cold that winter brings us. We want to challenge you to start a goal and stick to it into the new year! It could be something small like not hitting snooze when your alarm goes off or even starting a weight loss journey, the point behind it is learning discipline and committing to something that will benefit you this winter. Winter takes a toll on your body in more ways than just us wanting to be warm inside. During the winter our bodies have to respond to the lack of vitamin D which can actually raise cholesterol levels

The winter weather can also bring a lot of risks with the cold. Last winter Ohio was hit with a week or so of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall which not only makes traffic horrible, but also causes the body some internal stress and damage if we aren’t careful. In order to keep our important organs warm, the body will restrict blood flow from the hands and feet in order to keep it flowing through the brain, heart and lungs. This lack of circulation can lead to frostbite if you aren’t properly equipped.

Heart attacks also have an increased risk in the winter as our blood vessels that carry our blood contract with the cold. Shoveling snow is the leading cause of heart attacks in the winter so always remember to take breaks while exercising in the cold. The cold and dry air not only causes nose bleeds and chapped lips, but can also irritate your lungs and increase symptoms for people with Asthma or COPD. Exercise can increase circulation and lower the risk for the harmful effects of winter, as well as help keep us warm

It takes on average, 2 months for a routine to become automatic. That’s why keeping that gym membership going after your New Year’s Resolution is so difficult. That’s why we’re challenging you to start early! Bad habits form a lot faster however, sometimes as quickly as 2 days.  Developing a heathy routine is beneficial in the long run however, and by starting in December you’ll be able to be set into a path to achieve your goals by February which isn’t that far away. Weight loss and quitting smoking are our specialty and we can be your biggest supporters in staying healthy for the rest of your life! We have helped thousands of people through the process which can be difficult sometimes, especially in the winter. We feel like there’s no better time to start than right now though.

Five Tips for keeping your goals:

  • Visualize the end of it. The process to making your goals come true can be a long journey. It isn’t always as simple as doing the same thing every day, things like weight loss take a lot of trial and error to find what your body needs, but by keeping the end goal in mind it makes it easier to get through the harder times.

  • Create Accountability. Make sure people know about your goals. We are far more likely to stick to them if the people around us know what’s going on in our lives as they can help keep us accountable. AcuLaser is a resource even after the treatment as we can talk you through harder days and offer suggestions if you need to change things up.

  • Make SMART Goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound. It’s a metric to make sure that the goals are possible to finish. Breaking larger goals into smaller relevant ones allows you to feel good about accomplishing things that are leading to greater things.

  • Prepare for the Goal. Set yourself up for success. Start buying healthy foods, throw away your lighters, find a personal trainer that can keep you motivated. Little things like avoiding junk food can play a huge role in keeping you on track.

  • Know that its possible. SMART goals help with keeping the end goal in mind but its important to remind yourself that you can do whatever you set yourself up for. Reaching goals takes a lot of hard work and sometimes that gets discouraging. The learning curve shows us that we progress slowly, then if you can get past that, rapid progress can be made before plateauing.

Five more tips are available here at Daily Burn 

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