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We are no longer in Broadview Hts. or Middlefield.

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Our Story

how we started & what we do

After a lifetime struggle with smoking cessation and weight control issues amongst her family, friends, and herself, Clinical Director Luciana McCartney was on a mission to find something that would help win these never ending battles. They tried different programs and always found themselves on the roller coaster of failure. Luciana, an advocate of holistic and alternative approaches since the early 90’s, decided to take control of the ups and downs with an approach most people have never heard of. 

With just one treatment of laser acupuncture, they each found themselves off the addiction ride, in full control, with a bright future ahead.  Success, after many years of failure, was finally achieved. The rest is history.   

AcuLaser Treatment Centre has been helping smokers since 2005 with a 90% success rate. Our cold low level lasers are all FDA approved. In 2006, our weight health program emerged.  We realized that laser acupuncture had so much more to offer and in 2014, stress management and sugar detoxification programs were introduced. Currently, we are proud to offer Northeast Ohio’s first Pagani Cryo T-Shock system, another holistic approach to weight health and wellness. As an added bonus, the T-Shock also provides cryo facials and cryo massages.  As you can see, the success of our clients and the loyalty we receive from them has allowed our company to continue offering new and exciting options for those who need them.     


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Changing your life Today for a healthier tomorrow


Smoking Cessation

Our clients can agree, laser acupuncture makes quitting so much easier.  By stimulating pressure points related to cravings, withdrawal symptoms, stress, relaxation, anxiety, and detoxification, you leave our office a nonsmoker the same day.


Freeze fat cells and remove them from your body without the need for invasive and expensive surgery. This treatment uses alternating heat and cold to restore deep layers of collagen and reduce pore size, producing smoother, tighter skin.


Weight Health

Low-level laser for weight control can put you on the path to achieving your weight goals a little faster.  We take the hard work off your plate, by controlling appetite and cravings while increasing your metabolism.

Stress Management

Through the stimulation of pressure points the body can release endorphins and lower cortisol levels, providing a powerful way to regulate the natural stress response. Clarity of mind, relaxation, and anxiety pressure points are key players in this treatment.



Our Reiki Therapist will channel energy to your body with a technique called palm healing.  This natural healing processes of the body encourages the restoration of physical and emotional well-being.

Massage Therapy

In our treatment room, you will have time to meet with your therapist and discuss your personalized treatment protocol. Treatments are relaxing and comfortable. The health benefits to massage therapy are far reaching and can help with reducing stress, relieving pain, rehabilitating injuries, keeping your body kink free, and many more.


Pain Treatments

Clients are better equipped to handle everyday challenges when they are re-educated on how to actively rehabilitate injuries such as sciatic pain, plantar fasciitis, headaches, neuropathy, carpal tunnel and back pain.

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