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Healnetic Therapy: Massage Therapy by Lindsay Barringer

I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. I was trained in 2021 by Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. They are one of the four schools that teaches the Vodder method in MLD. I am qualified to do MLD and to treat Lymphedema.


What is MLD?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of the
body to move lymph to the decongested lymph nodes.

MLD Benefits

Treatment of Lymphedema, Detoxing the body, improves immune function, decreases
fluid retention, improves circulation, reduces swelling an inflammation, decongests sinuses, treats
seasonal allergies, increases metabolic rate (burns fat), improves skin elasticity, new cell growth, aids
scar tissue, improves skin complexion, promotes relaxation/soothing, aids stress, pain relief.


MLD is also very important after post-surgical Mastectomy, Liposuction or any other cosmetic
surgeries as it breaks down scar tissue, promotes faster healing, and most importantly it keeps the
swelling down and stops the fluid from retaining in the body which can cause Lymphedema.

Preperation for Treatment

Arrive hydrated as that helps the body detox, eat lighter foods that day as
the body is working to detox and there is some abdominal massage involved. Don’t drink alcohol or do
recreational drugs that day as the body is trying to detox, you will need to undress for treatment
because tight clothing will block lymph movement (undergarments can remain on), do not apply lotion
to the skin.

What to expect

You will feel very relaxed after the treatment. You will need to remain hydrated,
frequent urination ( sometimes with a stronger scent or darker color), increased bowel movements,
fatigue, sinus drainage. This is all the body detoxing and healing.


60 Minute Massage

$ 95

90 Minute Massage

$ 125 each

our Client's Testimonials

I was a smoker for 30 years so I was of course skeptical. I took the treatment. You dont really feel anything with the laser. The people are very friendly. They make you feel comfortable. I followed most of the advice given about the “aftercare” For me …I have been a “non-smoker” since that day. I smoked my last cigarette before I walked into the AcuLaser Treatment Center. I still think about having a cigarette, but it’s nothing that sticks with me. The thought “pops” in my head then “pops” back out again. If it gets too bad I know I can always call and get a “refresher treatment”, or I can call and get support on the phone. Thank you AcuLaser for making me a Non-Smoker
Smoking Cessation
Just writing to thank you. The smoking cessation treatment is amazing. Not only did the physiological craving for cigarettes go away, but my stress level was also greatly reduced. I’ve told a number of friends and family members about the treatment and how simple it made it to quit smoking.
Rick S.
Smoking Cessation
Thank You So Much!! I was a smokers smoker – meaning I had to smoke before I would smoke and I needed a smoke when I got done smoking. Thats how much I smoked. I think you make it very easy with your manner, your hours and your seeing people through to the end. I have done nothing but rave about AcuLaser. There is a gentleman here at my work who said he is going to call you because he knows how much I loved to smoke and how addicted I was, and he was amazed I could stand there with the smokers and not even crave a cigarette!! Another co-worker wants to do the weight loss program. There is no billboard like the walking one and I am yours!
Paula L.
Smoking Cessation

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