The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts a $3,391 price tag on each employee who smokes: $1760 in lost productivity, and $1623 in excess medical expenditures. Preventable health problems result in direct and indirect costs for employers including increased medical expenses, turnover disability and absenteeism

 AcuLaser has three wellness programs designed to help guide you while implementing policies for a tobacco-free workplace. These smoking cessation agendas will aid employees, spouses, immediate family, and the future employees in their transition from the use of tobacco and nicotine-related products.


AcuLaser Treatment Centre has a comprehensive transition program that can help your employees quit smoking and turn your company into a TOBACCO-FREE workplace.

In most cases, an employer cannot force their employees to quit using tabacco products. However, they are encouranged to implement a tabacco-free workplace, including health and wellness programs and education to achieve this goal.


Each year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with chronic diseases resulting from tobacco use. These illnesses can be prevented through behavior modification and appropriate medical care. By focusing on prevention, employers can curb the caseload and costs associated with employee illness. Prevention makes good business sense!


Laser therapy is quickly becoming the simplest and most effective way to treat nicotine addiction. It is a non-invasive treatment, where a cold, low-level laser is applied to acupressure sites on the body.

This process releases high quantities of endorphins, stimulating relaxation and allowing energy to flow. In turn, clients experience a dissipation and even elimination of withdrawal symptoms typically felt when trying to quit smoking.

Corporate Smoking Cessation and Education Programs

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