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One application of low level laser can put you on your way to meeting your weight loss goals and achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Points treated in this therapy will help raise your metabolic rate, suppress your appetite, and curb your carbohydrate cravings. This does not replace exercise or eating right, but can compliment your efforts for accelerated results. 

With the benefits of laser therapy, combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise, you will be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.  


30 Day Sugar Detox

$ 225

90 Day Weight Health Control Program

$ 600

Weight Health Programs

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AcuLaser PLUS is a ninety day weight control plan consisting of three laser therapy sessions, photo-therapy application, sugar detoxification, clean eating regimen and lifestyle counseling. We recommend that each laser treatment be done within four weeks of each other. During each session, low level laser will be applied to acupuncture points located on the arms, hands, legs, and feet, as well as areas on the outer ear in order to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism, and kick-start fat burning.

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At AcuLaser we strive to help you create the lifestyle that you have always wanted by promoting a holistic and natural approach to weight loss without the use of diet pills.


our Client's Testimonials

I have just completed my 90 day weight control program. I have learned so much about how weight health is vital to weight loss. This approach to balancing the body has finally made me see the big picture. My road to weight loss will be forever changed and I love it! Thank you AcuLaser!
Erin A.
90 Day Weight Control
I have been seeing Luciana for a year now. I look forward to my monthly stress sessions. It’s like getting a message but only better. I can actually feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm after every laser acupuncture treatment. My anxiety levels have decreased significantly since I have started!
Lana O.
Stress Management
Thank you for saving my life, literally. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am to be a non-smoker. I tried so many other methods to quit smoking over the years, and nothing worked for any length of time. I continuously sing your praises and send people your way. It works! I’m living proof!
Smoking Cessation

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